scared of the bullies!

August 26, 2006

My goodness! Are they for real? As I watched the news about the new impeachment case against Her Royal Shameless PGMA, I just saw a bunch of men and women proud of what they did! Junked the Impeachment Case! 173 voted against the impeachment and 32 pro-impeachment case! What happened to the 19 of last year’s impeachment hearing?Strong vote of confidence my ass! There is no such thing as strong vote! You people are being bullied! Before, I was sad about the turn of events but now…I’m pissed and mad!Representatives were voting according to their will not the will of the people! To remind you what representative means, you represent the people or your constituents from your city, municipality or province! You don’t represent yourselves. Did you even ask your people about it? Let me guess! NO! Ofcourse not! Because you think you know it all.My representative did not ask me what I really want nor asked the others about they want, who they want for the presidency now. Who are you to decide on our future, the future of this country.There is no insufficiency in substance. There were so many documentary evidences piled up against her and yet De Venecia said insufficiency of substance. Clearly, he turned his back on something he knew would be right and that it will be slapped on his face.

Last year’s impeachment was a major disaster too leading to the walk-out of the members of the minority. Imagine, some members of the house agreed to vote for the impeachment against PGMA and when the voting day came, some of these members turned their backs on the minority to vote against the impeachment. Even Imee Marcos can’t be found that day. The minority was so confident that day because they believed that the required votes will be reached and lo and behold! The people they were counting on to be part of that required votes wree actually traitors and jilters of the cause. It was a blow to the members of the minority as well as to me…a voter. I was sold out by my representative. I just don’t know how much was my price.

During the impeachment of Estrada, why was it so fast? The evidences were not as many as Her Royal Shameless has now. Plunder and money laundering and the Bobby Dacer case and some evidence were just hearsay (but i still want this guy go to jail). How about PGMA? Extra-Judicial killings of Left-leaning personalities; the P758 million fertilizer scam; massive fraud during the election (HELLO GARCI) among others (Manila Bulletin).

According to Deputiy Majority Leader Danton: The mebers of the house must observe strictly the rules of impeachment to avoid its “misuse and abuse” (Manila Bulletin). What abuse? What misuse? The majority exploiting on the use of technicalitites is an abuse. The rules are misused by the very people who made such rules.

You people in the house know the truth. The truth that PGMA is guilty of all these cases against her. You just turned your back because you are afraid. Never mind the money right? Because you can get that through projects and other stuffs that need the budget, you can corrupt on that. Never mind the people right? Coz’ you’re already in your position and office and by the next election, you can always buy them. Never mind if she’s guilty or not right? Coz’ you don’t really care.

You are afraid of her. You go to your offices being high and mighty with your head held high. Well, you actually don’t have a head anymore. Do you know what people would say when they watch you in the television? They wish you’re dead; corrupt people on the face of the earth, among others. The people thought your not scared of anyone thats why you ran for the position. My gosh! How wrong. You’re a bunch of chickens running around fattened or threatened by your bully. Just one word from her and you blinked and sweat. You’re scared that she might not find favor in you. Your principles…drained along with honor and integrity.

There’s only one thing I can say to you guys…..buck buck buck…buuuuuuck! Chicken.